Mediation is specific way of solving problems with the help of mediator, for which you can whenever apply yourself or it can be ordered by a court or OSPOD. It is a professionally led, moderated process, which results in mediation agreement.

Court-ordered mediation

The court or OSPOD can order your first meeting with registered mediator lasting up to three hours. After that you should immediately contact the assigned mediator and arrive to the first appointed mediation meeting, which will the mediator organize.

What will you gain?

  •  you solve your matters immediately and speed up all the process procedures
  •  you hold competence over your future and are protecting yourself from uncertain results of litigation
  •  you simplify your time, energy, stress and financial difficulty of the solution of your dispute
  •  you protect utmost dignified relations and decent communication

Service Charges

The normal hourly rate of mediation with registered mediator is 3 000 CZK and the parties pay the set amount in half. The hourly rate of mediation in English is 4 000 CZK. If needed it is possible to provide Mediation via Skype, the price does not change.

The first meeting with registered mediator, which was ordered by the court, is according to law 400 CZK and the parties pay the set amount in half.

Comment.: If you have to cancel or change the agreed term of our services for any reason, you must notify us at least 24 hours in advance, so that we can offer the canceled term to another client and find a new suitable one for you. Failure to do so results in the service being charged.

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