Coaching is entirely individual way of leadership, which is based on your potential, the ways of thinking, the values and priorities, led personally or via Skype. With the friendly and committed attitude of the coach you are provided help, support, leadership and motivation.

What will you gain?

  •  you get help, support, leadership and motivation
  •  you receive feedback, we will help you with realizing your own strengths, potential or the ways of thinking
  •  you will find the hidden aspects of your creativity and self-motivation 
  •  you will reach your visions and goals and set the individual steps that will lead you to it

Service Charges

The normal hourly rate of coaching is 2 000 CZK, we can also provide Skypecoaching. The price does not change.

Comment.: If you have to cancel or change the agreed term of our services for any reason, you must notify us at least 24 hours in advance, so that we can offer the canceled term to another client and find a new suitable one for you. Failure to do so results in the service being charged.

Na Pěšinách 66

182 00 Praha 8, Česká republika [parking]

Phone: +420 773 093 110